Random City Names

Random words that sound like city names, generated by an algorithm trained on real location names in the US. To get a new set, click the “Generate More” button.

City Arristee
Grand Cooklen
Fulter Mountain
River Livare
Valley Lizabad
San Palambe
Gold Rosiana
Center Purpolis
Rivery Spring

How it works

If you’re writing a story that is based on historical facts, it’s easy to determine the setting of the narrative. If the historical event took place in New York City, you’re going to set your story in New York City! But what if your story takes place in a truly fictional place? You’re going to need a fictional city name that is unique to your story, and our random city name generator is just the tool for the job.

We created a unique algorithm for this system. We trained this algo on real city names from around the world. Using this information, the algorithm created thousands of fictional city names that sound real but don’t exist. They are perfect for your screenplay, fan fiction, novel, or other works. Use them royalty-free and without any accreditation necessary!

Let’s generate random city names

To start, check out the auto-generated list of city names above this text. Does one of these work for you? If so, great! You can get back to writing your story. Just hit the COPY button (that’s the one that looks like two rectangles stacked on top of each other) and paste your new made-up city wherever you like.

If you want to see more choices, hit the GENERATE MORE button. You can hit this button as many times as necessary to scroll through thousands and thousands of cities.

As you scroll through, feel free to hit the STAR button next to any names you think might work. Doing so saves that name to a list you can check later. Feel free to star as many names as necessary.

When you’re ready, hit the SAVED IDEAS button to see your list. You can hit the DOWNLOAD button for a text file including all your saved names, or hit the DELETE ALL button to erase everything and start from scratch.

There are no timers or limits to this tool, so come back whenever you need some new ideas!