Random District Names

This tool generates district names based on names from the real world. Click “Generate More” if you want more names.

Lebanon Place
Lakeside Galatian
District Sunnymead
Old Lobban
Greater Kingbird
Port Perrott
Lower Rew
Delisle Landing
Outer Pronghorn
Lower East Edmar
Seaman Row
Downshire Garden
Aldwych Woods
Sunrunner Way
Upper North Haub
Hummel Court
Seago Castle
Glenshaw Downtown
Downtown Sunshadow
Upper Flood
Outer Canaan
East Dorsch
New Cutters
Weis District

How it works

If you’re creating a story set in a fictional city, you’re inevitably going to need some fictional districts. After all, in the real world, districts are how we separate large cities into smaller chunks. These districts are often based around a landmark, culture, or historical event. Since your story’s city doesn’t exist, coming up with district names might be tricky!

Thankfully, you can make this process a lot easier with our district name generator. Our algorithm uses a database of real-world district names to create real-sounding (but fictional) city neighborhoods. These unique creations are free to use by anyone and require no royalties or accreditation. Here’s how it works!

How to generate a random district name

If you look above, you’ll see our tool has already created two dozen random district names. If one of these works for you, you’re already done. Just hit the COPY button next to the one you like (the button that looks like two rectangles on top of each other) and paste it wherever you need.

However, if the first 24 random district names aren’t what you’re looking for, there are literally thousands more to see. Hit the GENERATE MORE button to get another two dozen names. Feel free to hit that button as much as you like, as there is no limit to how many times you can use this tool.

As you go, hit the STAR button next to any names that seem like they’d be a good fit for your fictional city. This saves that district name to your SAVED IDEAS tool. You can hit the GENERATE MORE button after starring a name, as your list will not disappear as you navigate the site.

Once you have a good list of ideas, hit the SAVED IDEAS button. Here, you’ll see all the district names you’ve starred. You can hit the DOWNLOAD button to grab a text file with all the names.

If you want to start again, hit the DELETE ALL button in the SAVED IDEAS tool. This erases your list and starts you from scratch. Hit the GENERATE MORE button again and keep searching!