City Name Generator

This name generator will help you create a unique city, town or street name to come up with a place for a book or game.

How it works

If you’re writing a book, making a game, shooting a film, or otherwise creating a fictional world, you might want to set the story in a fictional place. But how do you generate fictional locations that sound realistic and fit your narrative? The best tool for this is our city name generator!

Our unique algorithm scans real-world location names and learns from them. It then builds a database of fictional locations that sound real but don’t actually exist. Our name-generation tools can create realistic city, town, country, district, and even street names with minimal effort on your part. These names can be used anywhere royalty-free. We can give you a random assortment of names or even incorporate keywords you provide. Our goal is to give you plenty of options so you can narrow down what works best for your project.

All of these tools are free to use and have no limits on how much you can use them. They also work in your browser exclusively, so there’s no software to download. Simply put, these are the best free city name generators on the internet!

How to get started with the city name generator

To get started, select one of the pages above, depending on whether you are looking to generate city/town, street, district, or country names. Do note that we have two different tools for creating city names: one that is completely random and another that works based on a keyword or keyphrase you provide. The latter tool could be helpful if you want your fictional city name to relate to the story. Try it out by entering some simple keywords such as “ocean,” “robots,” or “love.”

In addition to generating location names, we also give you the ability to make a running list of your favorite options. You can export this list when you’re done.

We have more detailed instructions on each specific service on that tool’s page. Remember, these systems are 100% free to use, so give them a shot and see what they can do!