Create City Names

Enter a word that should be part of the name of your city or town and click “Generate”. In a couple of seconds, we will provide you with thousands of names!

How it works

Whether you are an urban planner whose job is to name new cities, a writer who needs to come up with a location for a book or a screenplay, or an online gamer who is building a virtual city for a role-playing game, you have to make sure that you come up with unique and memorable city names that will really set your project apart from the crowd.

While brainstorming with your team of writers, artists, game developers and so on can help you come up with some good ideas, great thoughts often come from completely unexpected sources. One of the least explored and underutilized resources out there are online name generators.

If you are looking for a way to come up with interesting and original city names without being tied down by the constraints of a particular idea, this City Name Generator could be that source you need. You simply have to input a keyword on the search bar, click the “Generate” button and voila: the tool will create a list of name ideas based on the keyword you’ve entered as an input. It generates a variety of results from simple, basic city names all the way to more creative, quirky and even humorous name ideas.

The algorithm used in this City Name Generator is designed to create hundreds of variations from your chosen keyword. It works by mixing, matching and adding words and letters in every possible order, and then randomizes the output to generate as many unique city names as possible. It’s very effective, and you’ll be surprised at the number of name ideas you can generate in just a few seconds.

Since the City Name Generator is 100% free, there are no limitations on how many names you can generate. Feel free to use it as long as you want, and generate as many name ideas as you like.